Having studied some significant economic data in the last several months,  I am becoming convinced that we are not addressing  a major issue in our economic and political plight.  We have a major cancer that is continuing to grow within our system that will ultimately destroy us.  Since my education and training is that of a physicist and not a physician, it is not easy for me to use this metaphor.  But I will ask you to consider the data which others have presented.

It is quite clear that over the past thirty years, the U.S. has emphasized policies and procedures that have supported capitalistic solutions to our societal problems.  It is also quite clear that this has led to an enormous concentration of wealth and income to a very small percentage at the top of our economic class.  When changes are suggested, the wealthy class and the corporations exclaim “class warfare” and the population retreats with expressions of regret and apology.  This behavior must cease and it must be countered with facts and accurate information, if not civil disobedience.  Otherwise, the outcomes will be very bleak.

I have presented below a graphic showing the trends in this concentration of wealth-income.  There are several sources for this and they all show the same result.  There are numerous sources that show that we are not only becoming a third world nation, but that we will become totally unstable.  I ask you to consider that possibility.  I will present much more data and facts to document this in subsequent publications.


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