The time is growing near to take to the streets. The abominations going on in Washington today have to cease. The Republican Party and its corporate, wealthy backers are pulling a power play of major magnitude and abandoning all moral judgment. What the Republican Senate is doing can clearly be labeled extortion or blackmail.  Fair minded Americans everywhere must voice their protest.

I propose that we consider the following:

If Senator Mitch McConnell and Rep. John Boehner continue on their current paths and continue to block all legislation and continue to substitute tax cuts for the rich for unemployment benefits then we must respond.  I am proposing that we commit to mass demonstrations in Washington, blocking at least McConnell and Boehner from coming back to work on January 5.  I also propose that we block payment of their salaries and health care benefits for at least the month of January and continuing for as long they fail to work cooperatively for the benefits of the great majority of Americans. It’s time for fair minded people of all political persuasion to rise in public protest against these people with no moral compass.  The principle is simple:  “We do unto them as they do unto us.”  The link below provides additional detail on these circumstances.  Please share this blog with your friends and especially with progressive organizations with whom you have contact.



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