Grandpa “Doctom” Makes Another Move (Final?)

biloxi-lighthouse-stamp-25by Thomas Baldwin, Biloxi, MS

June 6, 2013

When I first thought of writing this  blog on this original blogging site I had considered the title:  “Is This  Doctom’s Last  Stand?” because nearly  all of my blogging in the  past 2  1/2 years has been primarily in the political/governmental area.  But  what I really wanted to do is to show some good friends and acquaintances the new  place in which I have chosen to live.  After one month, I can say it still looks very good and I’m beginning to adjust.  It’s  not easy when one is in his 70’s and never adjusted to those facts.  But my mind tells me I’m still young;  my body tells me otherwise!! And the physical strain from the last move proved that!

So this is going to be primarily a photographic blog with pictures that I  have taken here at Seashore Oaks Senior “Retirement” Center in Biloxi.  It is a complex of three multistory buildings of no more than six stories arranged on a beautiful location on the Mississippi Gulf  Coast.  Much of the property surrounding this area was destroyed in August 2005 by Hurricane Katrina when a 25 foot or so water surge came ashore.  It has taken several years to rebuild but it is coming back in full strength, hopefully not just to await another “Katrina”, the largest natural disaster in U.S.  history.

Just this past week, the property managers/owners (a wholly owned subsidiary of  Biloxi  Housing) added picnic  tables, benches, and grills to the  open grounds lined with oak trees. I’m quietly planning to demonstrate and instruct others on flying kites in this open area to practice before we go to the beach adjacent.  It truly is a nice location and could remind one of a vacation resort on the Gulf Coast, at much lower prices of course, because it has been HUD supported and rebuilt with Katrina recovery funds. 

So here is my  initial picture album.  I  may have a  closing remarks about how I plan to spend my time later.

This series  of photographs contain the following:

1.  A view from one of the swings  on the  property.  I call this my “On Golden  Pond” swing.

2. A  view from the pool area with the apartment building in which I reside on the fourth floor  in the background.

3.  Inside my apartment living room looking to the “office” area on the right.

4.  The open area where picnic tables, benches, etc. have just been placed. 

5.  A very unusual experience with the friendly “neighbors”.  A baby  Mockingbird who had fallen out of her nest decided to befriend me and get on top of  my head so she could get back in the nearby tree.  I decided to just let her have  her own way!  “Tweetie” had figured out on her own that the best chance  for her to get back  in the tree above her  was  to  get on top  of my head first!

6.  Closeup of  “Tweetie” on my head, a rather determined bird.

7.  The grounds at Seashore.

8.  Tweetie  on my shoulder ready to rise to the top of the bald spot on my head. The  “natives” are unusually friendly here.

9.  The four story  apartment building, originally designed as condominiums until the “recession” arrived.

Seashore Oaks Pictures--best 001Seashore Oaks view from pool Seashore Oaks Pictures--best 005 Seashore Oaks Pictures--best 006 Seashore Oaks Pictures--best 010 Seashore Oaks Pictures--best 009 Seashore Oaks Pictures--best 007 Seashore Oaks Pictures--best 008

Seashore Oaks Bldg. AApt. at Seashore Oaks 3

This  is a good location from which to do  some serious  thinking and writing and continue my work  on the internet.  I  will continue to write my two main blogs primarily oriented toward political and socioeconomic matters.  For those that haven’t seen them, here is where you can access them.

I’m also going to devote more time to assisting seniors and helping them adjust to the boredom that might be associated with aging.  It’s a common expression that I’ve already heard here.

Best wishes to all.  Please feel free to spread this blog to others on Facebook and other social media!





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